Denise Handlarski is a graduate of the Queen's-Trent Concurrent Teacher Education Program. Her teachable subjects are English, History, and Special Education.

Having taught abroad, at night school, in literacy programs, and in secondary schools at the Toronto District School Board, Denise has had the opportunity to work with a diverse range of students from a variety of backgrounds and with a variety of learning needs.

Denise's commitment to providing quality education that meets the needs of her students has been proven in her creative lesson and unit plans, her ability to engage students with their communities, and the various successes of her students. Denise is an energetic and dynamic educator who seeks to empower students to think critically and become both productive citizens and fascinating human beings.

Denise currently teaches at the Trent School of Education & Professional Learning. Her courses include Sociocultural Perspectives on Human Development (about diversity and equity in education), and Supporting Literacy and Learners with Special Needs.

Wen Do

Denise became a Wen-Do Women’s Self-Defence instructor in 2004. Wen-Do’s focus is on practical self-defence for women and girls. We cover verbal and physical techniques for a range of situations and attackers. Wen-Do operates from a feminist and anti-oppression perspective. We do “myth-busting” in our classes, empowering women and girls to find their voices and strength.

If you are interested in organizing a Wen-Do class, please contact Denise.

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